A downloadable game for Windows


An experimental and conceptual game.

You're in your bedroom and everything seems normal, but the moment you  get out of there, you find yourself in an empty room, no furniture, no windows, no door. Walls start advancing towards you, narrowing the space into one claustrophobic corridor... Maybe if you find the door, you can get out, right...?


  • Five levels (rooms).
  • Go through the door to go to the next level.
  • Walls start advancing sooner and faster in the latter levels.
  • Don't Panic.

Install instructions

Click the donwload button to donwload the .zip

It contains the executable and all the data to run the game. Extract it wherever you want and click on the .exe archive to start playing.




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Sorry but this really was quite random and pointless. One cute effect does not a game make.

Great concept! Good work with using the moving walls to trick the player, I could see this as a part of some larger game. The sond design also works well with the said level design. Especially if you're going to expand this idea, you could check out our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

This Game Would be Absolutely Amazing if There were alot more sequences